Welcome to Guyana Police Welfare Association

Mr. Mohan Khan
Mr. Mohan KhanTrustee of the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Association
The Police Association was established since 1951. The Office of the Guyana Police Welfare Association is Located in the force head quarters Compound, Sharing Building with office of the professional responsibility. The membership are made up of Police officers ranked from Constables to Chief  Inspector.

Aims and Function of Guyana Police Welfare Association

For the purpose of enabling Inspectors, Subordinate Officers and constables to consider and bring to the notice of the commissioner and the minister matters affecting their general Welfare efficiency. Example is working conditions and wages salary. The Chairman Position last for two years and there are 23 executive members.

The Police Association shall be entirely independent of and associated with anybody outside of the force and shall have no power to make representation in relation to any matter of Discipline, Promotion, Transfer or leave or any other matter affecting individuals.

Ms Dionne Pollard
Ms Dionne PollardInspector of Guyana Police Force
General Secretary for the Guyana Police Welfare Association.
The Protocal Officer of the CFPWA Executive in 2014 to current.
Organize promotional events such as press conference, tours, visits and exhibitions

Write and produced presentations and press release.

Dealing with all enquires from the general public, the press and other organizations.