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Mr. Sean Mc Call-constable of British Virgin Island is the Chairman of the Royal Virgin Island Police Welfare Association of Tortola. He serves the Caribbean Federations of Police welfare Association as a Trustee in 2015.

Welcome to the British Virgin Island Police Welfare Association.


The Police Welfare Association of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force came into existence back in 1993. The Association since then has been lead by several person who has now moved on and had acquired leadership positions. Mr. Vere Browne was once a chairman of the PWA and eventually attained the appointment of COP in the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force. DCP Alwin James, Superintendant Alexis Charles, Chief Inspector Duncan Williams and also Woman Chief Inspector Paula Alleyne were also serving members of the RVIPF who have now elevated to managerial position in the Force. Historically for the past 2 years has been lead by Detective constable now acting Sergeant Sean McCall and it would be recorded in the annals of history that a constable has risen to such a position.

Mr. Call since 2006 has been a serving member of the Police Welfare Association since 2006. He has always been very vocal about fairness and transparency within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and is willing to address any issue as it relates to welfare of any member of the welfare. He is very keen on rendering the necessary assistance to officers and implores the wisdom of the competent authority to bring relief to its members. Financial assistance is also rendered in time of bereavement, medical and otherwise.  During the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erica, the PWA reached out to the PWA of the Royal Dominica Police Force and also families after of members of the RVIPF and to date we are still proud to state that the PWA of the RVIPF was the first PWA to land relief supplies into Dominica as a good show of support and solidarity not only to our members of our brothers and sisters in Dominica. We stand committed to the cause of supporting our officers and we are of the view that in the interest of fairness and transparency no one will get left behind.