Sonny Roy Miller- Detective Sergeant of Police # 2539 enlisted in the prestigious Royal Bahamas Police Force in June 1996.  Since Sergeant’s Miller call to duty he has worked in various areas of the Royal Bahamas Police Force inclusive of; Paradise Island Police Station, Mobile Division and the Central Detective Unit- Homicide Section.  With each area focusing on a different approach to policing with specific mandates for that area he was armed with the necessary tools to which enabled him to become a well rounded police officer. Tools such as Station Duties, Tourism Policing, Frontline/First Responders and Major Crimes more specifically, Homicide has enabled Sergeant Miller to gain the confidence of the top team and his colleagues which allowed him to be entrusted with major investigations both nationally and internationally.  His hard work and determination was recognized during a period when Murder was at all time high in 2016 when he was awarded the prestigious Team Leader Award and Team Of The Year in Homicide that same year.

Sergeant Miller is not only known for being an excellent and skilled police officer but also for championing the course for many of his colleagues.  In 2004 wanting to assist in bringing about positive change for Police Officers he offered himself as a candidate for the Police Staff Association which at time was eight years old. Since then Sergeant Miller has served in various capacities; Chief Welfare Officer, Deputy Chairman and Executive Chairman from 2010-2011 and 2017- present.  As Executive Chairman there has been a myriad of benefits I have led the charge in seeking to secure for members of the association and the force at large:

  • Salary Increases- Eighteen years since last increase
  • Insurance coverage for members after retirement. 
  • Making home ownership an affordable reality- it is the belief that all new subdivisions built should have police officers as residence, this would assist in policing efforts
  • Amendments to the Police Association Act as it relates to the time period afforded to the Executive Team -from one (1) year to two (2) years to complete its agenda.

There are however, small in house projects that are well on the way such as discounts from numerous merchants and a dental plan for members and their families.  The Police Staff Association is of the mindset that once the officer welfare is a priority this will indeed produce a conducive work environment.


Sonny Roy Miller

Detective Sergeant 2539

Executive Chairman 

Police Staff Assoc.

History of the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association

The Act to establish the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association was enacted by the Parliament of The Bahamas and given assent Thursday, February 6, 1997. It’s purpose was to make provision for the formation, constitution and function of the Police Staff Association. This Association enables members to consider matter affecting their corporate welfare and efficiency, including pay, pensions and conditions of service.

The first meeting, with a view to chart the course of the Association, was held on Tuesday, 9 September 1997. It was led by Permanent Secretary, Mr. Idris Reid of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of National Security.

Meetings to sensitize Police Officer regarding the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association were held 14-17 October, 1997 in New Providence and on Tuesday October 21, 1997 in Grand Bahama.

A day, comprising three sessions each, was used for each rank in New Providence, while in
Grand Bahama there was one united meeting.
Attendance in New Providence was poor as twenty-six (26) Constables, sixteen (16) Corporals,
twenty-eight (28) Sergeants and fifteen (15) Inspectors participated. Conversely, 180 attended in
Grand Bahama.
It was alleged that the dissemination of information regarding the meeting, was purposely not
circulated by certain senior personnel in the Police Force in New Providence in a timely or
concerned manner. As advised, matters of importance are diarized, and brought to the attention
of each shift; however, the matter of the Police Staff Association was not. Those in attendance
had heard of the meetings on the morning of the meetings.

Arising from this meeting were the following goals:

The process to chart the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association by making Mr.Deanza A. Cunningham coordinator;

All Police Officers to be sensitized regarding the Police Staff Association;

The Commissioner of Police to provide access for all Police Officers to the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association’s Act;

Elections for the Branch Boards to be held during the first week of December;

Dwight Smith bahamas

Dwight Smith

Located In Beautiful Caribbean Countries

In attendance were the following:

  • Mr.Bernard Bonamy – Commissioner of Police Royal Bahamas Police Force.
  • Mrs.Deborah Fraser – Senior Counsel Office of the Attorney General
  • Mr.Deanza Cunningham – Deputy Permanent Secretary Department of Public Service
  • Mr.Alan Strachan – Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Labor, Immigration & Training.
  • Ms.Angela Albury – Senior Assistant Secretary Office of the Deputy Prime Minister & Ministry of National Security.


Nominations Day was held on Friday November 14, 1997. This ran very smoothly in New
Providence but the Family Islands and Grand Bahama suffered from logistical problems as the
agreement by the Police Force to print and distribute the nomination papers was late
materializing; consequently, nominations were held after the scheduled date. 52 nominations
were received. Of the fifty-two (52) nominations received, forty-one (41) were from New
Providence with eleven (11) from Grand Bahamas.

The agenda for the meeting were as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Opening Comments
  • Explanation of the Act
  • Format of the Elections
  • Question and Answers
  • Closing


Elections for the Sergeants, Corporal and Constables Branch Boards were conducted by
civilians, via secret ballots, on Thursday December 4, 1997. This occurred when only two
persons from the Inspectors rank, Chief Inspector A. James Blatch and Inspector Allan
Emmanuel, nominated for the Inspectors’ Branch Board. As a consequence, they were elected
without the vote, leaving one vacancy by reason of insufficient nominations for the Inspectors
Nominations to fill the vacancy on the Inspectors’ Branch Board were received on Wednesday,
December 17th 1997 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12 noon. Again only two Inspectors,
Messrs Clifford Ferguson and Clement Lightbourne participated in the process. In accordance
with Section 5(b) of the First Schedule of the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association’s Act,
Inspector Clifford Ferguson was declared the winner by reason of his seniority.

Nominations Day was held on Friday November 14, 1997. This ran very smoothly in New
Providence but the Family Islands and Grand Bahama suffered from logistical problems as the
agreement by the Police Force to print and distribute the nomination papers was late
materializing; consequently, nominations were held after the scheduled date. 52 nominations
were received. Of the fifty-two (52) nominations received, forty-one (41) were from New
Providence with eleven (11) from Grand Bahamas.

At the end of the elections process, the members elected for the first year of the Bahamas Police Staff Association were as follows:

  • A.James Blatch
  • Allan E. Emmanuel
  • Clifford Ferguson

  • #901 Norman Bain
  • #1442 Eucal Bonaby
  • #1320 Michael Braithwaite
  • #1152 Basil H. Collie
  • #689 Clarence Finlayson
  • #1188 Philip Wilson

  • #326 Bruce Arnett
  • #40 Franklyn Campbell
  • #1720 Valeria Campbell
  • #1309 Herbt Duncombe
  • #1632 Killy Heastie
  • #1956 Terrance Higgs
  • #106 Michelet Memoranda
  • #347 Bradley Sands
  • #1621 Charlton Smith
  • #931 Peter Walkes

  • #1051 Shannon Bannister
  • #255 Dencle Barr
  • #1008 Floyd Bastian
  • #1654 Ricardo Bonimy
  • #660 Carltony Forbes
  • #1483 Brian Gilbert
  • #1744 Chrystal Johnson
  • #1464 Edward Moncur
  • #1525 Dion Nixon
  • #2169 Prescott Pinder
  • #1427 Wilbert Rodgers
  • #1202 Keith Russell
  • #1666 Dwight Smith
  • #1492 Dale Strachan


Elections for the 16 members to serve on the Executive Committee of the Royal Bahamas Police Association were held on Friday, December 19, 1997 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12 noon in New Providence and Grand Bahama. Elected from the Sergeants’ Branch Board were 1320 Michael Braithwaite, 1152 Basil Collie and 1188 Philip Wilson. From the Corporal’s Branch Board, 106 Michelet Memoranda was elected to one of the five seats. Eight (8) other had an equal number of votes for the remaining four (4) seats. From the Constables Branch Board, four (4) of the seven seats were decided. Elected were 255 Dencle Barr, 660 Carltony Forbes, 1483 Brian Gilbert and 1464 Edward Moncur. Four (4) others had an equality of votes for the remaining three (3) seats. In accordance with Section 4 of the First Schedule of the Royal Bahamas Police Staff Association’s Act, those seats not filled as a result of an equality of votes were filled by Tuesday, December 23, 1997. The process used was to place the names, of those with an equality of votes, in a bag, witnessed by the candidates or their representatives, and to pull as many as needed for the Executive Committee form the various Branch Boards.

The Final Results Were As Follows:

  • Inspector Allan Emmanuel
  • Sergeant Michael Braithwaite
  • Sergeant Basil Collie
  • Sergeant Philip Wilson
  • Corporal Bruce Arnett
  • Corporal Valeria Campbell
  • Corporal Michelet Meronard
  • Corporal Bradley Sands
  • Corporal Charlton Smith
  • Constable Dencle Barr
  • Constable Carltony Forbes
  • Constable Brain Gilbert
  • Constable Chrystal Johnson
  • Constable Edward Moncur
  • Constable Dion Nixon
  • Constable Dwight Smith

Past to Present Chairman’s/ Chairlady:

  • Sgt. 118 Philip Don Wilson – 1998
  • Cpl. 40 Frankie Campbell – 1999
  • Insp. Glenroy McKenzie – 2000
  • Insp. Glen Rolle – 2001
  • Cpl. 788 Claude Lesbott – January – August 2002
  • WPC. 1008 Yvonne Hunter – August – December 2002
  • Insp. Bradley Sands – 2004 – 2010
  • Cpl. 2539 Sonny Miller – 2010
  • Insp. 1666 Dwight Smith – 2011 – Present
The Police Staff Association is made up of more than 2000 plus members of the Police Force. Our main goals and objectives are to foster a good working between police officers and the wider community, ensure that our goals and objectives are consistent with those of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and to eliminate complacency and accentuate growth.
Membership runs from January until December.
Membership in the PSA is open to all employed police officer of the Royal Bahamas Police
Force. All membership applications will be reviewed for authenticity.
Membership year is January 1- December 31. Dues are just $10 per month. The membership fee is subject to change each year. The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination.
Membership is just as easy. You can download our Membership Form and Salary Deduction
Form now, offered in PDF format, print it out and send to us along with your registration fee.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view the PDF
version of the Membership Form. You can get a free copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe by
clicking on the Get Adobe Reader button below

  • General Operating Expenses       $4.00
  • Training Fund                                 $1.00
  • Sickness and Welfare                     $1.00
  •  Death Benefit                                  $1.00
  • Public Relations                              $1.00
  • Legal Assistance                              $1.00
  • Medical Assistance                         $1.00



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